What does Brät Brot mean and how do you pronounce it?

The name can be loosely translated as “Sausage/Bread”. Brät is the minced meat used to stuff sausages and brot is bread. If you speak German it rhymes with “Great Goat”. If you are working on your German it rhymes with “Not Goat”. If you’re a fan of alliteration it rhymes with “Not Not”

We don’t care, just come enjoy!

Email us a video of you saying our name and we might feature you in a post.

What kind of service do you offer?

Have a seat anywhere you like! We offer casual table service inside the greenhouse and suggest making friends and sharing tables if spots are available. That is the Brät Brot way! A bartender will come to your table and take your drink and food order. ALL tabs are started with a credit card. If you order food you will receive a pager that will buzz when it’s ready. Go grab your food from the counter with the neon sign! If you decide to sit outside please come in and order food and drink at the bar.

Do you take reservations? What about large groups?

We do not take formal reservations. We try to accommodate parties of 10-18 when we can (inside only) and no later than 6pm. Service for group tables is the same as above. Email info@bratbrot.com and we will get back to you right away to answer any questions and help you book a large table. Other than that, all of our tables are first come, first served!

Do you do private parties or events?

We are looking forward to hosting private events in future on times and days that we are normally closed but as of now we do not offer this and cannot save dates.

Do you have any specials? What about activities and games?

Yes! We have some set weekly specials and sometimes specials for the day. We also have some fun weekly contests and offer ping pong, cornhole, and giant jenga yard games outside.

Click the ‘SPECIALS’ link^ on the top of the page for more information.

Do you have TVs?

We do! Now Showing...our MENUS!!!

We show SEC football games on Saturdays in fall and other special events such as the World Cup. All programming will be listed ahead of time here on our website. You can make special requests for upcoming event viewings by emailing info@bratbrot.com.

Can we bring a cake?

Yes! We allow you to bring in your own cake but you must provide your own plates, napkins, eating utensils and serving knife. We have a full menu so we do not allow any outside food other than cake. Enjoy!

Do you allow dogs or other pets in the courtyard?

WE DO! We allow dogs on our patio. To comply with the health codes, we cannot allow any animals other than service dogs in the indoor dining and bar area. Please place your order at the bar and take your furry friends outside! Must be on a leash.

Are you 21 and up only? What about babies?
I don't have my ID with me. Can I still come in if I don’t want to drink?
What ID types are acceptable?

We are a 21+ only establishment at all times. That includes toddlers, babies in strollers and children with their parents. Every guest must show their valid ID to our door guy before entering. For the safety of our staff and guests and to make sure that our service is expedient and fully complies with the law, we will not allow anyone inside without a proper identification card. If you look under 40, please make sure you bring your State or Federally issued ID. If you do not have your ID and you look anywhere near 40 or under you will not be allowed inside our establishment. As per Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Administrative Code

CHAPTER 20-X-6-.09(d):
1. A valid driver's license of any state.
2. A valid United States Uniformed Service Identification.
3. A valid passport.
4. A valid identification issued by any agency of a state for the purpose of identification, bearing a photograph and date of birth of the individual in question.

What do you do when it rains? When it's cold? When it's hot?

We have ample indoor climate controlled seating in the main greenhouse. Our outdoor gardens feature shaded seating areas for the summer sun.

Do you only serve beer?

We are a full bar. In addition to some great German, local and craft beers we have a wide variety of beverage options including a selection of wines, mixed drinks, draft cocktails, and specialty liqueurs.